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We’re Jesse, Sylvia and Frida Jesperson (she's the little white one pictured above).

We're the family behind the walls of Denver’s famous Richthofen Castle. We’ve owned the castle and the historic gatehouse since 2012, and use the property as our primary family home and to welcome guests and loved ones when they are in the area. 

We know that there is a lot of curiosity about the castle, it's history, and it's architecture, so we thought we'd take some time to introduce ourselves, and our home, to you.

Jesse Jesperson and Sylvia Atencio Jesperson, the Family that lives in Baron von Richthofen's Denver Castle


Though we are originally from other parts of the west (Sylvia is from New Mexico, Jesse is from Montana), we’ve been in Denver for decades. Together, we own and operate Evergreen Caissons, a turnkey foundation company that specializes in transmission line and substation projects throughout the American West
and Midwest.

We first heard about the Richthofen castle at an auction that was hosted by then-owner Gerry Priddy back in 2008. We had no idea how iconic the building was then — just that he used the word “castle” and that we were intrigued. We took a drive by the property a few days later, and just like that...we fell in love with the place.


The home’s architecture, it’s stonework and architecture — its mystery! — had so much appeal. We loved the idea of living in, and caring for, a piece of American history. We’ve lived in and restored historic homes in Denver before, but more than any other, the Richthofen castle just seemed to fit our family.


After spending a few more years driving by the property whenever we could, we were able to purchase the castle from the Priddy family in 2012. We bought the historic gatehouse, a section of the property that belonged to another family, soon after that.

We are particularly proud to be able to say that after spending more than 50 years apart, the castle and the gatehouse are back together on the same property like Baron von Richthofen intended them to be.


Living in a Colorado castle has turned out to be, in many ways, just as fun and strange-in-a-good-way as you might expect. It’s also a lot of work.

In their time in the castle, the previous owners did a lot to maintain the historic nature of the property, but there’s still a lot to be done. We’re committed to restoring and renovating the castle in a way that respects its history while securing its future.

And along the way? We’re finding all kinds of interesting, weird, and mysterious surprises. 

Sylvia Atencio Jesperson and Jesse Jesperson, at their home, the Richthofen Castle


Learn more about the iconic buildings and award-winning gardens of the Richthofen Castle — and the work we’re doing to save this important piece of gilded age architecture. 

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